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Independent Nap

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I am happy that I’ve managed to get some things growing in the garden, but it won’t matter if Dot keeps picking the flowers off of the vegetable plants!   I even noticed a couple of pumpkins growing in the furrows of the cucumbers.

Grandma took Dot in for her nap today.  Dot screamed and hollered and then didn’t want her jammies on and just crawled into her bed.  So Grandma left – said she talked to herself for a little bit then just fell asleep!  Wow for the first time that has EVER happened at naptime!

More Applesauce Please!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Dot ate well again today. I kept piling linguine with clam sauce on her plate and she ate every bit, and some Caesar Salad. She is definitely on an applesauce kick, too. A growth spurt, perhaps?

Skipping the Nap

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Dot spent nearly all day outside today. She played while I weeded and prepped the herb garden area most of the morning, and spent all afternoon outside while the entire family got the soil ready for planting. She was so wide awake that we just skipped the nap altogether. Amazingly she was happy and pleasant all evening long, and even fell asleep about half an hour early! I may reconsider skipping her nap in favor of going to church, if she seems to handle it well once in awhile.

Tub Monsters

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

After the last sanding job in the bathroom, I had removed the handle and backing from the tub, leaving a gaping hole. Dot had a bath but seemed pretty scared of it. The next night she screamed when we tried to put her inside, even when I tried getting in with her. For a couple of weeks she kept wanting a bath (she can say and sign bath) but would immediately cry, run away from the bathroom, and say “All clean!” with a worried look that we might not believe her and insist on the bath. I replaced the fixture and Bobby managed to get her bathed and shampooed even though she screamed the entire time. (After two weeks, we had to!) A week later we tried again with letting her watch me take a bath for a few days, and then after some fuss she settled down long enough to play a little. A couple of days of being scared to get in but having a good time once she was in the tub brought back my little girl who loved playing in the water. Now she is again asking for a bath every night. She is able to take all of her clothes off, now, so sometimes she is ready before we are! She even puts her toys away before getting out. Her new thing is whipping a wet washcloth around everywhere so everyone and everything is soaked pretty quickly. And of course, when she’s done, she’s “All clean! All clean!”

Pulling Up

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Dot can pull herself up at the kitchen counter, hang on with one hand, and grab something with the other.