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Enfamil Family Beginnings

Free Formula! If you haven’t signed up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, they have even more cool stuff they are sending out now compared to before. Up to $250 in free gifts, 1 week supply of Enfamil, and $60 savings on formula. They weren’t giving the free stuff out at my hospital when I had Dot, but this time there is a spot to actually enter the name and city of the hospital you are delivering. I’m hoping to get some great coupons and goodies this time around! The picture is the link.

Click Here

ETA: I was already a member of Enfamil’s Site, so when I signed up for this, I skipped the registration step – and it seemed to work just fine. I guess this is a completely new program.

Slow and Steady

I found Dot’s preschool book! (It was lost for a few days.) It has weekly activities from birth to age 5 and I love it.
I’m planning on homeschooling if I feel I’m doing a good job and capable of teaching both kids – legally I have until Dot is six before needing to make a decision. Right now she thrives on schedules and absolutely loves to learn stuff – I hope it continues!

Transfer Complete!

Dot’s Spot has officially completed the move from Blogger. Please update your bookmarks to RSS feeds should remain the same. During this week there will be more category and tag tweaks, as well as a few more links at the top pointing to archives and such. Please let me know if there are any other features you would like to see on Dot’s Spot!

Dot’s Spot is Moving!

Dot’s Spot is in the process of moving over to a new home:

The site is under major construction now, but when it is ready, the move will take place. Everything here (on Blogger) will end up over there! In the meantime I will be posting new updates there to help with the site construction.

Please update your links and bookmarks to Hope to see you there!

2nd Birthday Party

Dot was so pretty in her white and blue dress! I think every time I put her into a new outfit she looks older. I blew up a balloon, and after a brief period of being upset (maybe because it didn’t float?) she decided they were good stuff and started asking for more. We would blow up another, she would count it, and come asking for the next one! I think she had seen that there were ten in the package! Her Nanna and Pappa came, and they helped her play with the balloons while she counted them from one to ten repeatedly.

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